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Christina Aldan is a TEDx speaker, trainer, and digital advertising consultant whose boutique agency, LG Designs, offers businesses brand consulting and creative content for everyday media. With over a decade of experience in the digital advertising realm, Christina is highly regarded for her approach to business, partnering with clients to find unique strategies that ensure their advertising goals are met. Christina builds connections through her keynote addresses, workshops, and technological education. She uses these tools to help individuals and businesses cultivate value in everyday media.


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Unleash Your Creativity


For innovation to flourish, organizations must create an environment that fosters creativity; bringing together multi-talented groups of people who work in close collaboration together. Creativity is a skill you can develop with practice and a process you can manage. In this creativity workshop, you will: Understand the dynamics of creative work, the most common pitfalls, and how they affect teams. Learn to identify and eliminate the things that stop creativity. Discover specific, everyday practices that lead to long-term effectiveness. Understand the pillars of effective collaboration and creative leadership. Develop the mindset, skillsets, and toolsets of highly creative people in business. Discover your natural capacity for creativity through a range of hands-on activities that will appeal to both sides of your brain. Explore some of the thinking strategies of innovators in business and how you can apply these strategies to your everyday work. Experiment with ideation tools that supersede traditional brainstorming in a fun, inspiring action-filled environment.

(*) This a paid full day training on Nov 14 organized by xHub. Get in touch with us at for more details

Startup Startup, Innovation & Creativity

Fearing the Robot Overlords


We fear robot overlords as we do vampires, werewolves, and other baddies that go bump in the night. They will take our jobs, our livelihood, our freedom, and enslave us to their bidding; or at least that's how it happens in the movies. Popular culture capitalizes on this emotion to sell Terminator tickets and Asimov novels, but this is not our future. We can celebrate Artificial Intelligence as our greatest accomplishment, and harness it for the tool that it really is. Our horizon awaits.