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From ENSA Marrakech

Imad is a Network engineering student, an autodidact and a lifelong learner, he's particularly interested in Next Generation Networking (SDN & NFV), Network Automation and Data Center Technologies.

I work on open source projects, I build cool robots and I help kids to explore the world of programming.


cldops Cloud ,Containers & Infrastructure

Demystifying Docker Networking


When you start working with Docker at scale, you all of a sudden need to know a lot about networking, you can't think about production deployment without being aware of how connections are made, how ports are used and how bridges and routing are set up.

Docker networking features simplify application deployment, It provides a more flexible way to connect services between containers, making it easier to manage Docker deployments that have multiple interconnected parts.

In this quick session, you'll get insights on how docker networking works, and on how containers can be connected together. We'll talk about default networking, bridge networking, overlay networking, service discovery and load balancing, finally we'll pass by some worthwhile related open source projects. Join this session to level up your Docker skills!