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The Technical Intelligence Manager for the Office of CTO at Delphix. A proud member of Oak Table and Oracle ACE Director Alumnus with over 18 years of extensive experience in database administration, database group management and cloud migrations.

Specialties: Performance tuning, Enterprise Manager, scripting, virtualization, copy data management, test data management, cloud migration and managing of heterogeneous database environments. Kellyn has presented at numerous Oracle, SQL Server, DevOps and Big Data events.


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Screw DevOps, Let's Talk Data Ops


DevOps is the new hot topic for IT, but only answers part of the problem. This session and demo will discuss why data creates continual friction in the DevOps environment and how it must be incorporated into the solution.
Reasons for this solution is required: -Data is getting bigger and more complex -Security concerns around critical data is becoming more evident every day -Data is created in silos in many sources, yet consumed in just as many locations, including on-premises and in the cloud.

We'll discuss the tech, the politics and the challenges of bringing data into DevOps and how to do so more successfully with culture changes, tools, scripting and virtualization.

Take-aways from this session:
1. Learn the five principles of Data Ops 2. How embracing a dynamic data platform can eliminate challenges and provide automation. 3. Learn the difference between containers, packages and data pods. 4. Learn how to bridge the gap between data and people, eliminating culture from the scenario. 5. Learn about tools, scripting and platforms that create a full solution.