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Consultant & trainer in embedded systems, product development, Web and mobile architecture engineering, Mobile First Solutions & Hardware (IoT), and business innovation strategies. Microsoft Technologies Specialist in Systems, Web, Mobile, Azure Cloud and TFS.

Director of Innovative End-to-end IT Solutions Center: K&W Technologies International LLC.

Transformational Speaker, Career and Business Coach.


mobile Mobile, IOT & Embedded

Turn your smartphone into a scientist sensor kit.


Introduction to Smartphone Hardware SandBox: Opening on all OS smartphones sensor structure, a comparison amongst Iphone, Android and other deprecated OSs (Widowsphone, Blackberry), then a zoom focus on the different Smartphone companies using Android, and the wide range of sensors they contain, as well as latest Android APIs and the sensor list they handle with integrated methods. Android Apps: Introduction to Android, its activity based App structure, and how it interacts, treats and stores all kinds of data inputs (including Hardware ones). As well as threading processes, and sensor access methods, including the latest ones: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure... Sensors code sample: Performing a short live coding process to access Accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope, Camera and Gravity sensors, to emulate accident assessment App developed by our team: SOS Santé, an international awards winning Hardware/Software solution. Demonstration and closure: Executing the coded solution into an Android phone, emulating accidents with different parameters. Closing with other concrete applications using smartphone sensors to create full scientific, domestic, transportation and industrial solutions.