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After getting his start in the world if super-computing, Kirk went on to the world of Java eventually becoming a Java Champion in 2006 in recognition for his work advancing the state of Java performance tuning. Since then Kirk has co-founded jClarity, a company building the next generation of performance diagnostic tooling based on JPDM, a performance diagnostic process that he developed. Additionally, he authored and delivers the original Java Performance Tuning Workshop. Kirk has written many articles and spoken at many conferences on the subject of performance tuning.


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Java Performance Tuning Clinic

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

In true BOF style lets come together and have an open discussion about your performance issues.

agTest DevOps, Agile, Methodology & Culture



In Java 9, G1GC replaces the Parallel collector as the default collector and CMS will be depreciated. This session look at what how the G1 functions and what makes it different than the collectors in use today. I will touch upon our efforts to tune the JVM running in more than 2000 JVMs for ~100 customers from different industries with different architectures over the last couple of years.