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From Canoo Engineering AG

Markus works as Senior Software Engineer at Canoo Engineering in Basel. He graduated with an Master of Computer Science and Media and is passionate about agile methods, software engineering and open source projects. He organizes monthly the Hackergarten in Basel and loves to ride his Motorbike to get some fresh air.


archisec Architecture & Security

Living documentation with Asciidoctor and Gradle


It is common sense that good documentation is essential to the success of projects, especially for those running mid and long term. But tools currently used to create and maintain documentation like OfficeSuites and Wikis practically promote the divagation between the system and what's documented.

This session shows how to use state of art tools like AsciiDoctor, Gradle and version control to create and maintain documentation while easing the burden of documentation maintenance by implementing a practical workflow with your daily used toolset. This establishes also the collaborative focus of project work on documentation aspects.

Having documentation tamed like this, the next step is to bring techniques like "Specification by Example" and "Living Documentaion" to your project and leverage from not just doing things right (and validated) but also making sure to do the right things (as specified).

archisec Architecture & Security

SRP: Never store - or even know - your user’s passwords!


All those information leaks revealing critical user data including passwords have risen the sensibility how important it is to keep your users account information safe. The safest way to be secure from those security incidents is, of course, not to store any passwords at all. And if you do not transmit any password over the wire, your system becomes even safe from sniffing attempts!

A proven way to archive this it is defined with SRP, the Secure Remote Password protocol. This session shows you how to implement it and shares some experience from production systems using it.