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Web Developer, Java Champion, and Developer Advocate [@okta](] with a passion for coding, skiing, mountain biking, VWs, & good 🍺. Driving a '66 21-window & a '90 Syncro. Made in Montana. On Twitter @mraible.


wm Modern Web & UX

Developing PWAs and Mobile Apps with Ionic, Angular, and JHipster


In this session, I show how to build a Progressive Web App (PWA) AND a mobile app using Ionic, Angular and JHipster. PWAs are being hyped as the next big thing in mobile development.

This talk describes the trials and tribulations of developing the Ionic Module for JHipster. It will show how you can easily generate Ionic UIs and describe the pain points of working with Node and Yeoman to develop this module.

wm Modern Web & UX

Building Cloud Native Progressive Web Apps


In this session, you’ll learn how to build microservices with Spring, deploy them to the cloud and expose their functionality with a progressive web application that can run offline. You’ll learn how to “build to fail” and create a quality, resilient application. Live coding will show how to use Kotlin, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Cloud Foundry, IntelliJ IDEA, Angular, and Progressive Web Apps.