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Mohammed is a community catalyst and a true open source believer and has contributed to various open source projects. His goal is to bring the Moroccan developers to become passionate contributors and technology makers, instead of just users. He has helped to build many IT communities in Morocco (Morocco Java user Group, Facebook Developer Circles, Docker Morocco, Casablanca ruby meetup, Devops Morocco...). Mohammed is also a steering member of Devoxx Morocco, the Devoxx chapter in Africa and MENA region.


agTest DevOps, Agile, Methodology & Culture

Deep dive into the innards of Git!


Git is rapidly taking over the development workplace, and nowadays it is integrated with many development, testing and deployment platforms. But one of the downsides of high-level tools is that they can hide the details of what is happening under the hood. So when things go wrong or just get complicated it can be hard to understand why git behaves the way it does. But at its core Git consists of a few simple concepts that, when understood, make it a much more intuitive tool and enables powerful workflows. This talk introduces these core Git concepts and uses them to clarify some examples of seemingly counterintuitive behaviour. It also introduces some of Git’s less-known features and tricks that are useful to have in your arsenal. This is an intermediate-to-advanced course for developers who are already using or investigating Git and want to gain a greater understanding of how it works.

agTest DevOps, Agile, Methodology & Culture

Developer Circles from Facebook

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

This is a BOF for developers in Casablanca and its surroundings who are interested in building on the Facebook platform to interact and collaborate with other developers who share similar interests.

Join us to learn more about Developer Circles program, Updates, latest news, achievements and roadmap from Developer Circles Team from Facebook, and DevC Casablanca Lead!