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Neil is a solution architect for Hazelcast, the world's leading open source in-memory data grid.

In more than 25 years of work in IT, Neil has designed, developed and debugged a number of software systems for companies large and small.


bigd Big Data, Machine Learning, AI & Analytics

Jet propelled analytics, for Java (and Spring) users


Jet is an analytics engine for Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid.

In this talk I'll show how this is easy to get going, being Java based and requiring minimal configuration. I'll then show how a real-world use case of processing a Kafka stream of events, ingested in parallel using familiar Java stream constructs.

I'll then wrap this into a Spring Boot deployable, and push it to a container environment, so we can see how simple this is to run on an IAAS or PAAS platform.

As an added bonus, Jet is faster than Spark and Flink, and open-source if you'd like to contribute. What's not to like!

At the end, we'll have a fully working sample that does a real piece of work, that you can download later to extend or incorporate into your own project as you see fit.