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From Red Hat

Software Engineer working @ RedHat. Committer for Apache Camel. Working on Fabric8, a toolkit for developing and delivering applications on Kubernetes and Openshift.


java Java Language & Server Side

Integrating Applications: The Reactive Way


Reactive programming is one of the top trending paradigms for building fast asynchronous applications in the microservices era. But if you dive a bit into the reactive world, you will find out that scaling from a single application to a fully fledged reactive system is hard: you need to solve complex integration problems and communicating inside a heterogeneous system is simply a headache! In this talk, we will explore how reactive applications currently address integration problems, with live coding examples based on RxJava, Project Reactor and Vert.x. You’ll learn how the popular framework Apache Camel can be used as reactive integration layer through the new Java 9 Flow API, opening a lot of new possibilities to reactive applications. This talk will also give you insights on the future directions of the Apache Camel project with reference to reactive systems.