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Samia is an innovation and customer experience expert and a certified project management professional. She is the president of Women Engineers Club and 2017 Techwomen Fellow. Samia is also volunteering as as mentor in several national and international initiatives in STEM education.

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Women in Technology


Its 2017! We are rapidly moving into an era of technological rebellion where industry demands are outstripping major code releases. There is an explosion in the marriage between cognitive science and computer science that may humble us all.

In an industry that's moving fast, shouldn't we have already solved issues of diversity in programming culture? Why are we still talking about 'Women in Tech'? How can we encourage more girls and women to participate in the Tech industry?

Join us for this panel discussion about barriers facing women in the technology industry especially in North Africa. What are the potential initiatives to address gender balance, and Why role models are important to inspire more girls to enter the world of technology.