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internet of things in the Enterprise - a case study


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Facilities management suffers from fragmentation of information: information about technical installations is maintained separately from structural information and financial systems and sensor information is collected in closed circuit systems. A university in the Netherlands wanted to change this and started a project to combine information about their buildings and grounds. You will see how you can use near real time information that is collected from sensors to start a service in your application automatically and combine this with building information using BIM.

Lonneke Dikmans Lonneke Dikmans

Lonneke Dikmans is Chief Product Officer at eProseed. She is Oracle ACE Director for Middleware and Code Champion and started coding when she was 12. She has hands-on experience with process modeling, web services, service oriented architecture and traditional J2EE applications on different platforms in a wide variety of industries. She likes to pick up new technologies and has been investigating IoT, Big Data and Fast data, blockchain and JavaScript to determine how this fits with the products eProseed offers to her customers.